Workshop: The AI Horizon – Defining Mining Industry Priorities

With rapidly changing technologies, collaboration is essential in order to gain immediate benefits from the implementation of AI. In collaboration with METS Ignited and the University of Melbourne, we are bringing the mining industry together to define their AI priorities to direct research and identify collaboration opportunities with a goal of extracting real value from technology implementation and building capability. While we look to the future, the focus will be primarily on what can be done immediately to improve operational efficiency and strengthen the industry.

In this workshop we will:

  • Work together to identify industry’s AI priorities and define a pathway to future AI to maximise ROI and reduce risk
  • Hear from industry leader Mark O’Brien, Manager – IS Solutions Delivery, CITIC Pacific Mining, on addressing the industry’s current AI challenges and what it takes to implement AI
  • Hear from the University of Melbourne on what the next steps are for getting to where we need to be in terms of AI research, innovation and commercialisation.

The outcomes of this workshop will be a priorities framework to inform research, collaboration and decision-making, based on the following timeline:

  • Horizon 1 (2021-2022): Identifying technologies already available for deployment
  • Horizon 2 (2023-2024): Identifying technologies requiring some adaption of modification, for example from other industries
  • Horizon 3 (2024-2025): Identifying technologies or approaches requiring research and development, followed by prototyping prior to implementation

August 25 | 8-11pm (EDT)| 2-5am (CEST)+1| 8-11am (AWST)+1|

To accommodate different time zones, a second event will be held on September 9th. Register here.

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