The Cybersecurity Working Group Virtual Meeting

The GMG/MM-ISAC Cybersecurity Working Group members will meet to go through key-decisions and define next steps for the projects. Additionally, participants will be immersed into the guideline to provide input and review the progress.

Event time: 7PM – 8PM EDT | 11PM – 12AM GMT | 7AM – 8AM AWST+1

Agenda highlights:

• Safety Share: TBD

• Knowledge Share: High-level Plan for IT/OT Integration for Cybersecurity – Jamie Cox, Manager, Cybersecurity IT/OT Strategy, Digital & Information Technology, Suncor Energy Services Inc. and Phil Fodchuk, General Manager, Enterprise Data & Cyber Security, Suncor Energy Services Inc.

• Project updates:

o Vendor Security Management

• Breakout room to validate guideline

About the Working Group

The GMG/MM-ISAC Cybersecurity Working Group aims to drive OT/IT convergence for centralized, cost efficient, monitored, and safe management in mines. The community will collaborate to develop practical runbooks, guidelines, and protocols to enable secure and resilient systems and networks. Fostering cybersecurity awareness at all-levels of the industry will be a key effort from this group as well.