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BEVs in Underground Mining – 2018 Short Course

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Nov 7, 2018 | 8:30 am - 5:00 pm EST

This short course is designed to help underground miners develop a strategy and tools for the implementation of Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) underground. It is built from industry-wide collaboration that started at the end of 2017 to develop a second edition of the GMG-CMIC guideline on the topic, to be published by the beginning of November 2018. More than 100 industry experts have participated in the completion of this update.

The BEVs project stemmed from requests from companies such as Glencore and Goldcorp with mines entering production in Ontario, Canada. Their efforts to build diesel-free underground mines revealed a major impediment to the realization of their projects: a lack of standardization in the components needed (different types of batteries, chargers, electronics, etc.).

BEVs can reduce both a mine’s operating costs and impact on the environment as they require less maintenance, emit lower levels of greenhouse gases and use less energy. They also avoid emission of DPMs, a known carcinogen. But, with the implementation of anything new comes a set of challenges such as changes to infrastructure, maintenance and operating constraints.

The BEVs Guideline is meant to drive technological development to enable diesel-free underground mines. The first edition provided much-needed guidance by offering a blueprint for mine design and equipment innovation and providing solutions to potential electric mine problems before they occur.

The guideline is being used by mining companies and suppliers for mine planning, equipment procurement, training and customer engagement to achieve alignment. “This guideline was very useful for many stakeholders within our company, including mine design project teams, safety personnel, electrical designers, ventilation designers, equipment purchasers and research/technology experts,” said one participating mine operator. “This guideline has been instrumental in bringing together mining equipment manufacturers and mine owners with electrical vehicle charging manufactures and also industry standards which are already in existence in the USA and Canada for passenger automobiles. We have seen firsthand the benefits of the guideline, in that we are already in the process of assisting several mining equipment manufacturers as they adapt their electric vehicles to the CCS protocol for DC Fast Charging,” added a participating equipment manufacturer.

The highly anticipated Version 2.0 will consider new technologies and address gaps in the previous edition, adding material on emergency response, training and charger standardization.

What to Expect

Short course participants will learn directly from the experts about the rational and value of BEVs underground, and the major body of work to assist implementation, focusing on five key areas:

  • Vehicles
  • Energy Storage Systems
  • Charging
  • Mine Design
  • Operations and Performance Standards

Workshop Agenda

Operator Presentation: From a Charging Bay at Macassa Mine: The Reality of BEV’s Underground
Presenter: Mike Mayhew, Acting Mine Superintendent, Macassa Mine Complex, Kirkland Lake Gold

Session 1: General Introduction to Considerations for BEVs in Underground Mining and the GMG-CMIC Guideline

Introducing participants to the basic concepts and considerations for BEVs in underground mining, including discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of BEVs vs. diesel equipment, and how to build a business case for an electric mine.

Session 2: Battery Electric Vehicle Design
Presenter: Patrick Marshall, Director of Mining Technology, MacLean Engineering

There are a number of elements that must be taken into consideration when designing or using a BEV that are different from a diesel vehicle. This session will look at the guideline’s recommendations for the special considerations for electric vehicle design, including battery management systems, electrical and braking systems. There will be a particular focus on special safety considerations for BEVs.

Session 3: Batteries and Other Energy Storage Systems
Presenter: Paul Summers, Lead Developer, R&D Dept., Miller Technology

This session will look at the special considerations for the use of batteries and other energy storage systems in vehicles, how to integrate these into the vehicle, their lifespan and end-of-life considerations.

Session 4: Charging Systems
Presenter: Michel Serres, Vice President Mining Solutions, ABB

Focusing on the guidelines related to chargers and the charging of BEVs, this session will look at the different styles of charging currently in use and the special considerations for each. There will be discussion on safety considerations, operation and controls, including communications, connectors and the installation requirements.

Session 5: Mine Planning & Design for a BEV Mine
Presenter: Alain Richard, Electrical Engineering, Bestech

Here we focus on the features of mine design which are altered when designing a mine for battery electric vehicles vs. diesel and provide guidelines to consider when producing a BEV mine design. Topics include ore handling, personnel management, fleet design, charging infrastructure, ventilation and cooling, and layout and infrastructure. Special note will be made of guidelines on how to take advantage of regenerative braking and use case examples will be given.

Session 6: Operations and Performance Standards for BEVs
Presenter: Brian Huff, Chief Technology Officer, Artisan Vehicle Systems

Selecting and operating BEV equipment is different in a number of ways to conventional diesel equipment. In this session special operating and maintenance considerations for BEVs will be discussed. This session will also review the guidelines for both OEMs and miners as to how to specify a BEV vehicle. The goal is to ensure that the purchaser gives sufficient information to the OEM for them to quote the proper vehicle and the OEM gives the correct information to the purchaser for them to do a fair comparison between vehicles.

Special Event Feature: Trade Show

Participants can cruise through a mini trade show featuring suppliers showcasing their products and services relating to battery electric vehicles.




Nov 7, 2018
8:30 am - 5:00 pm
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