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GMG Workshop: Functional Safety for Autonomous Equipment (Santiago)

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Jun 5

GMG will host a workshop to develop content for the Functional Safety for Autonomous Equipment guideline and ensure it is relevant in South American contexts.

Right now, international standards applicable to mine autonomy are not clearly defined and requirements for managing functional safety are unclear. This project aims to clearly define what functional safety is for mobile autonomous equipment, identify who is responsible for it, create a collective view of minimum requirements and present guidance on testing and verifying it.

A key function of the guideline is to help readers navigate international functional safety standards and apply them to the mining context. A main objective of this workshop is to incorporate input on how these standards are applied in a South American context.

Participants will review the work that has been done to date and contribute their expertise to the project.

The current draft guideline includes:

  • A list of standards for various aspects of mobile mining equipment automation
  • Guidance around the functional safety lifecycle and process for the different types of stakeholders
  • The expectations and ownership of a functional safety management plan

To read more about the project click here here.

Please note: this is a highly specialized field. We invite people with expertise and/or experience in the field of functional safety to participate.