may, 2019

21mayAll Day23Austmine’s Mining Innovation Forum: The Next HorizonGMG is proud to partner on Austmine 2019


Event Details

GMG is proud to partner on Austmine 2019, a must-attend event for the mining industry and METS sectors, featuring key presentations and discussions on the future of technology, people and our industry.

Conference themes:

Intelligent Equipment: Earth Shattering Technologies – Gain insight into how intelligent equipment can take us to the next frontier, including autonomous heavy vehicles, sensors, drilling and AI.

The Human Element of Technology: The Embers that Light Innovation – Understand how companies are enabling their workforce to create a culture of ideas and processes in order to embrace new solution thinking.

Analytics, Data and Security: The Changing Winds – Discover how the latest developments in digital efficiencies, analytics and data systems are leading the change to the industry.

Integration and Connectivity: A Breath of Fresh Air – Unearth the latest in digital innovations challenging the status quo of the industry and taking us to a fully connected mine.

Striving Towards Sustainability: Sea Change is Coming – Learn how the industry is striving towards sustainability with the adoption of new technologies, renewable energy sources and, world class processes for water and waste management.


To find out more about the event and to register, visit the Austmine website here. GMG community members enter Promo Code GMG for special pricing.


may 21 (Tuesday) - 23 (Thursday)