Foundations for AI in Mining Use Case Survey

The Foundations for AI in Mining project group is looking for your input on the most important use cases for AI in mining. This project aims to articulate a clear and unified understanding and framework of what AI is and how it can benefit the mining industry. A key component is to collect use cases and examples to illustrate key concepts, demonstrate what is possible and inspire the industry.

We have developed a brief survey to help determine what would be most relevant and useful to include in the project. We have had some initial feedback that suggests that use cases for AI in mine operations are the highest priority and that predictive maintenance is an especially important topic. The more responses the better: they will help form an accurate picture. This is a great way to contribute to ensuring this project delivers material that reflects the global industry’s needs.

Respond to the survey here

We are also looking for volunteers who would be willing to assist with developing use cases. Don’t have time? Don’t worry, your input is helpful either way.

Please submit your responses by March 21.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more about the project, please contact GMG Program Manager, David Sanguinetti.

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