Foundations of AI: A Framework for AI in Mining

Published: October 19,2020



This white paper offers an overview of the process of planning for and implementing artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for mining companies. It addresses a variety of concerns, such as the challenge of establishing data infrastructure, apprehensions about the effect on the workforce and worries about failure after investing substantial time and funds into an AI project.

The document provides a realistic strategy for building a foundation for planning, implementing and moving forward with AI.

The following levels of maturity are used as a guide to help transition to an AI-enabled mine:

  • Level 1: Basic
  • Level 2: Foundation
  • Level 3: Integrated
  • Level 4: Decision Supported
  • Level 5: Automated

While AI has many potential benefits, there are also many challenges with integrating it into an existing mining operation. These can be overcome through a robust foundation of planning, research, and assessment, and by establishing well-defined infrastructures and platforms, clear communication practices, and effective change management.

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