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Tomorrow’s mining: Innovating to improve the way we mine

What does it take to open mindsets to embrace innovation and alternative solutions in mining? How do we ensure our workforce (now and tomorrow) is the best it can be? Why do we allow for even one person to not feel safe in our industry?

To achieve the global vision of a safe, sustainable and productive mining industry of tomorrow will require a cultural shift across the industry – safety culture, innovation culture, change management, diversity and inclusion and more. Culture is the core element that will define success.

This forum will delve into the industry’s top priority areas common to most mining operations today, looking at technologies and processes while considering cultural requirements. We will hear case studies and demonstrations from innovators, implementers and operators, peers will share experiences and expertise to define opportunities, together we look across and outside the mining industry for new ways to improve how we mine.


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Day One – August 17th


Andrew Scott, Lead, Robotics and Automation, OZ Minerals

Keynote Presentation: Innovation in the New World

Michelle Ash, Technology Executive, OZ Minerals

The next decade will see an acceleration of disruptive change to the energy, transport and mining sectors as we work towards decarbonisation and creation of a sustainable supply of raw materials.

What was driving innovation in the past is different to what is driving innovation today and into the future.

Michelle Ash shares some of the innovation priorities for OZ Minerals in the context of a modern and rapidly changing world. Priorities that include creation of value for all stakeholders and decarbonisation mean that innovation is being driven by those themes.

Approaches for accelerating innovation is also changing and Michelle shares some examples of where OZ Minerals is Thinking and Acting Differently.

Panel: The Road to Net Zero

Erik Isokangas, BE PhD, Research Director, Mining3

Louis Kent, Principal Group Decarbonisation, South32

Leon Cosgrove, Business Line Manager – Technology & Digital, Epiroc

Jacqui Coombes, Managing Director & CEO, Amira Global

Lisa Harwood, Director, State of Play

Panel: Charge On Innovation Challenge: Outcomes and Lessons Learned

Martin Collard, Chief Collaboration Officer, Austmine

Rohan Watts, Market Leader – Mining & Industry, GHD

Justin Bain, CEO, 3ME Technology
Ryan Preece, Manager Asset Planning & Standards, BHP

Autonomously Connected Ecosystems

Rob Daw, Chief Innovation Officer, Hexagon

From automation to autonomy, Hexagon is unlocking the future of operations through its autonomously connected ecosystems, assisting operations in making decisions in the right time to enhance their operations.

In this presentation, Rob Daw, Chief Innovation Officer for Hexagon’s Mining division, discusses how Hexagon is leveraging its world class technology to drive autonomy as we look at some examples of the solutions in the market today.

Panel: Autonomous Mining Solutions for Increased Safety, Productivity and Efficiency

Chirag Sathe, Principal Automation, BHP

Robin Burgess-Limerick, Professor of Human Factors, Minerals Industry Safety and Health Centre, Sustainable Minerals Institute, The University of Queensland
Joel Haight, Professor, Industrial Engineering, Swanson School of Engineering, University of Pittsburgh

Workshop: Industry Priorities on Autonomous Mining

Presentation on Autonomous Mining at FMG

Mark Thomas, Group Manager Technology & Autonomy, FMG

Panel: Designing the Mine of the Future

Anagh Kohli, Regional Head, OffWorld Australia

Paul Lucey, Worley

Jared Millane, Automation Delivery Lead, OZ Minerals


Mark O’Brien, General Manager – Digital Technology and Innovation, CITIC Pacific Mining

Wrap Up

Andrew Scott, Lead, Robotics and Automation, OZ Minerals

Day Two – August 18th


Andrew Scott, Lead, Robotics and Automation, OZ Minerals

Gamifying Blue Collar Work
Sean Dessureault, Vice President of Technology and Innovation, The Mosaic Company

Explore how we can apply the principles of video game design such as mastery, frequent feedback, teamwork, and competition to blue collar work to make it more engaging while improving safety and productivity. 

Panel: Making the Future Happen: Data, Integration and Interoperability

Melinda Hodkiewicz, Professor, University of Western Australia

Joe Zappia, Energy and Mining Industry Lead, Amazon

Alex Bertram, Dad, Pragmatic Technologist, Industry Advisor

Pieter van Schalwyk, CEO and Founder, XMPro; Natural Resources Working Group Co-Chair, Digital Twin Consortium
Carl Faulkner, XMPro

Six AI Mistakes to Avoid

Mark O’Brien, Manager – Digital Technology and Innovation, CITIC Pacific Mining

AI and Machine Learning has been the “new frontier” now for the past several years, and very rapidly taking a strong foothold in the mining sector over the last few years. Like any new territory, there’s some huge potential for amazing benefits but there’s also plenty of false starts, dead ends, terrible roads and more than a little hype and overblown promises. This presentation will unpack a shortlist of mistakes you definitely want to avoid in your AI journey. It will also provide the basis for intelligent conversations about AI solutions within mining companies, as well as between mining operators and vendors. 

Panel: Cyber Security and OT

Mark Wallace, Manager Cyber Security, FMG

A Combined Geological Knowledge and Machine Learning Approach to Improve Prospectivity Analysis: A Case Study of ‘Modern Minerals Exploration’

Mark Rieuwers, Senior Consultant (Geology), SRK Consulting

Implementation of Emerging Technologies

Kylah Morrison, General Manager – Western Australia and South Australia, METS Ignited

Panel: Shifting the Mindset: Building the Culture, People and Processes for a more Progressive Mining Industry

Kylah Morrison, General Manager – Western Australia and South Australia, METS Ignited

Tamryn Barker, Co-founder and Skills Lead, CORE Innovation

Michelle Carey, Chief of Product Management, Imdex
Sabina Shugg, Director – Kalgoorlie Campus, Curtin University School of Mines

Workshop: Industry Priorities for the Implementation of Emerging Technologies

Open Data Sets for AI in Mining

Rob Johnston, Manager Solutions Delivery, CITIC Pacific Mining

When Things do not Work out as Planned

Andrew Scott, Lead, Robotics and Automation, OZ Minerals


Mark O’Brien, Manager – Digital Technology and Innovation, CITIC Pacific Mining and GMG Vice-Chair

Wrap Up

Andrew Scott, Lead, Robotics and Automation, OZ Minerals