GMG Electric Mine Working Group Proposal

GMG’s first and second editions of Recommended Best Practices for Battery Electric Vehicles in Underground Mining brought together a community of companies involved in the development and adoption of electric mining technologies. Many companies have discussed the value of bringing together the community to create the guideline beyond the guideline itself. At the same time, technology is rapidly moving forward toward the electrification of surface mines and there has been a desire expressed to expand the community to include this surface work.

Scope and Objectives

The objective of the group is to accelerate the advancement and adoption of electric mining technologies through the sharing of data, ideas, problems and solutions. The group will launch projects to develop guidelines as needed and share information about the use and testing of electric technologies and the design of electric mines. If there is sufficient interest, the group will also support the joint development and testing of technologies by group members, although the actual work would be covered by separate agreements between the participants.

In Scope

All-electric technologies that are electrifying mining practices which are conventionally done using fossil fuels.

Out of Scope

Incremental changes to diesel equipment (e.g., regenerative braking in diesel equipment)


The Electric Mine Working Group will meet at least quarterly to identify projects of interest and review the progress of active projects. It is expected that an ongoing activity of the community will be a library of data related to mine electrification for the use of community members. In addition to launching projects within the community scope, the community may also organize workshops at member sites or similar events with the purpose of sharing knowledge among members.

Environmental Landscape

GMG is aware of and fully in support of a parallel initiative by the International Council on Mining and Metals (ICMM): Innovation for Cleaner Safer Vehicles (ICSV). ICSV aims improve the health, safety and environmental performance of mobile mining equipment. The project brings together ICMM members – mining companies – with key suppliers of equipment to accelerate innovation and uptake across the sector. GMG will work with ICMM to ensure that there is no duplication of effort and that our initiatives support each other.

When it was launched, The GMG project on Battery Electric Vehicles in Underground Mining project was a pioneering effort, so the industry’s leaders in electric mining were involved in the project. We will continue to collaborate with these individuals to identify any similar work.

Potential projects

List of electric equipment by mine (OEM name, battery size, equipment description)

1. Develop a sheet for what we would like to share for each piece of electric equipment (e.g., Is the duty experienced in the field what was expected? Is the time to charge what was expected? Is the life of the battery as expected? What are the major downtime causes and their roots? Maintenance costs metrics  per hour and comparison to diesel pieces. Testing of head to head electric and diesel machines and results, for example: KWHr vs Diesel Litres to perform same work; heat generated off diesel vs. electric machine).

2. Case studies on performance of the equipment in those environments

3. Capture key learnings – For example. what types of operational or process changes were made to optimize EV performance? Lessons learned on charging strategies (e.g. in cycle charging, frequent top-ups vs deep charging, cost and operational effectiveness of fast charging, etc.)

Events of haulage – (bottlenecks) for truck electrifications – surface and underground

Guideline on shared past experiences

Other key topics

  • Batteries
  • Risk
  • Monitoring – on/off equipment
  • Central point of view

Key Stakeholders

The group should have global representation from surface and underground contexts. Key stakeholders include mine operators that are testing and using electric vehicles and the vehicle and charger OEMs that design the them. Other key stakeholders will be consultants, regulators and OTMs.