GMG Geometallurgy Sub-committee

The growth of geometallurgy over the past decades has been largely organic, resulting in different levels of capability and maturity, limited development of industry wide systems and guidelines, and limited opportunities for collaboration. However, our resources and operating context are changing, including:

  • An increased focus on data and systems to allow us to maintain productivity in the face of deeper, more complex orebodies and realize the opportunities provided by AI.
  • Greater focus on resource characterization to support future processing options.
  • More focus on tailings characterization to reduce closure costs and environmental impact, in line with increased community expectations.

Addressing our future challenges and opportunities efficiently will require a whole-of-industry approach. GMG group members have proposed the establishment of a geometallurgy sub-committee within the Mineral Processing Working Group.

Objectives of the Geometallurgy sub-committee:

  • Develop guidelines and tools to meet common industry needs in geometallurgy.
  • Coordinate a global network of multi-disciplinary and multi-sectorial professionals with knowledge on geometallurgy to share lessons learned, best practices and drive valuable conversations.
  • Enable a global platform for knowledge sharing on geometallurgy.

If you are interested in participating in the February 12 inaugural meeting to establish a sub-committee on geometallurgy, contact us at

5 PM MST | 7 PM EST | 9 PM BRT/CLST | 12 AM GMT+1 | 1 AM CET+1 | 8 AM AWST+1 | 9:30 AM ACDT+1 | 10 AM AEST+1