GMG Johannesburg Forum | Tomorrow’s Mining: Innovating to Improve the Way We Mine

The GMG Johannesburg Forum is like no other when it comes to the opportunities for attendees to collaborate and network with others. While you gain knowledge from others, we also value the opportunity to learn from you. Our interactive forums feature presentations from leading professionals in mining, panel sessions, in addition to breakout sessions that encourage collaboration among industry peers to address the issues facing the industry today.

This forum will delve into the industry’s top priority areas common to most mining operations today, through the lenses of operations, maintenance and safety. The focus is on sharing knowledge of what is actually working in our mines and what is coming down the pipeline, as well as building relationships and collaborating with peers.

The first day of the forum will revolve around the theme of ‘Safety and security in the use of advanced technologies.’ Participants will hear from industry leaders on how technology is driving industry innovation,. Key takeaways will include lessons learned during the implementation of autonomous mining. Participants will also engage in breakout sessions on identifying elements to be considered when implementing a collision avoidance system and leveraging technology for enhanced safety.

The second day of the forum will explore the theme of ‘Enabling innovation to improve the way we mine’. Participants will hear from industry innovators on how they are leveraging new technologies to improve the efficiency of the mine. Discussions will also encompass strategies on improving energy efficiency. Breakout sessions will revolve around exploring how we can expedite the use of new technologies as well as mapping out solutions on how we can best optimize the mine through proper energy management.

GMG is pleased to partner with The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) for this forum.


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Day 1 - July 12, 2023
Theme: Safety and security in the use of advanced technologies
Day 2 - July 13, 2023
Theme: Enabling innovation to improve the way we mine
7:00 am: Arrivals & coffee
7:30 am: Welcome, safety procedures & Day 1 objectives7:30 am: Arrivals & coffee
8:00 am: Collaboration driving industry innovation
Andrew Scott, GMG Ambassador & Lead Robotics and Automation, Prominent Hill, BHP
8:00 am: Welcome & Day 2 objectives
8:30 am: Panel: Safety applications
What are the requirements to consider before choosing a safety application? How do companies handle the requirements for ensuring their effective use and deployment? What are the shortfalls, challenges, thought process for selection, and more? Benefit from the experience of others who’ve built such systems or who’ve gone through the process of implementing them.
8:15 am: Operationalizing net zero
Andrew Scott, GMG Ambassador & Lead Robotics and Automation, Prominent Hill, BHP
9:15 am: Update on collision prevention systems
Dushendra Naidoo, Minerals Council
8:45 am: Breakout: Energy management across the site
Breakout: Energy management across the site
Proper energy management can help with not only meeting net-zero goals, but also help to optimize the mine and make the implementation of new technologies more operationally efficient and cost-effective. Common challenges include high energy consumption, limited access to reliable and affordable clean energy, regulatory requirements, and limited technical knowledge. We’ll work together to map out how to address key challenges, considering not just the technical and economic aspects of energy management, but the social and environmental implications, making a more equitable transition to a sustainable future for all stakeholders.
9:45 am: Coffee Break9:45 am: Coffee Break
10:15 am: Breakout: Practical implementation of a collision avoidance system
Collisions between humans, vehicles, and equipment are a major concern to everyone working on site. Innovative technologies exist and can help greatly reduce the risk of collisions. We’ll work together to identify the elements that need to be considered when planning to implement a collision avoidance system at your site.
10:15 am: Panel: Energy management - what can be done now?
Looking at the different aspects of a mine, what can be done now to address key challenges related to energy management and decarbonization? How does the whole system connect? Let’s discuss areas where you can improve energy management practices and adopt new technologies and methods to achieve sustainability goals.
11:15 am: How emerging tech can enable safer operations
Speaker TBC
11:00 am: Electrification of mining equipment
Speaker TBC
11:45 am: Lunch Break11:30 am: Lunch Break
12:45 pm: Breakout: The use of technology for safety
Let's work together to identify what you need to know, how to figure out what systems to choose, and the requirements for using technology to improve safety.
12:30 pm: Panel: Don't let the bad guys stop your mine - Building cyber resiliency into your operations
Cyber criminals share knowledge and tools freely. Their attacks not only pose a financial and production risk, they also put our shared progress in safety and sustainability at risk. Hear what you can do to improve the cyber resiliency of your operations and prevent incidents that impact safety, environmental sustainability, or operational productivity.
Cherie Burgett, Director of Cyber Intelligence Operations, MM-ISAC
Rob Labbé, Founding Chair, MM-ISAC
Mornay Walters, VP Cyber Security / CISO, AngloGold Ashanti
1:45 pm: Coffee Break1:15 pm: Case study and demo on the application of data in mines
Speaker TBC
2:15 pm: Lessons learned in the implementation of autonomous mining
Speaker TBC
1:45 pm: Prominent Hill: Simulation of an electric mine
Speaker TBC
2:45 pm: Presentation TBC
Speaker TBC
2:15 pm: Breakout: How do we fast-track the use of technologies?
What are the key areas that the industry needs to work together on figuring out? Workforce and energy sources? Standardization and common language? Or maybe integration and interoperability? Let’s work together to identify and define those burning areas to map out a plan to tackle them together.
3:15 pm: Wrap-up3:15 pm: Wrap-up
3:30 pm: Day 1 ends3:30 pm: Forum ends


The following are suggestions only. No room block is being held. Attendees can secure accommodations of their choosing.

GMG is pleased to partner with
The Southern African Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (SAIMM) for this forum.


54 on Bath, Rosebank, Johannesburg, South Africa


July 12-13, 2023              7:30am – 3:30pm SAST

Southern Sun Rosebank 

5 minute walk to the Forum venue

Address: Cnr Tyrwhitt & Sturdee Ave, Rosebank, Gauteng, South Africa


54 on Bath

Forum venue

Address: 54 Bath Avenue, Rosebank, Gauteng, South Africa