GMG launches newsletter

While countless New Year’s resolutions are being broken every minute, Captain Marvel herself could not break our resolve to strengthen the GMG community. One of our goals this year is to keep you informed about what GMG is working on. We want you to know why we do what we do, how you can engage and the impact it all has on the industry we love.

Here are some of the ways we’ll be going about it.

We are excited to announce the launch of our e-newsletter, coming to your mailbox this week! Readers can expect interviews with industry leaders, case studies, use cases, information on guidelines and projects. We will of course keep you informed about our events because that is where the magic happens!

We will also be holding stakeholder calls so you can get a report on activities from the GMG executives themselves.

Want to know what goes on behind the scenes? Interested in hearing about new industry projects we are involved in or relationships we have with other organizations around the globe? Our managing director Heather Ednie will be sharing information on GMG operations.

We will also be keeping participants up-to-date with what’s going on in all of the projects via regular reports.

So, keep an eye on your Inbox because you’ll be hearing from us. Likewise, we want to hear from you so email us back once in a while, even if just to say “hi”.

If you aren’t already subscribed, subscribe by entering your email address into the form, “Subscribe to our newsletter” at the bottom right corner of the page.