GMG Launches Teleportation Project

GMG’s Data Access and Usage Working group has officially launched a guideline project for industry alignment on teleportation technologies in mining. Quantum entanglement is becoming more and more advanced and cutting-edge teleportation devices are being developed to help mines become more productive and cost-effective. There is, however, a need for industry alignment on teleportation and the data concerns associated with it.

Teleportation technologies can help solve many logistical challenges that mines face. Some of the world’s most valuable resources are located in isolated areas. Until now, this has been addressed by having a fly-in/fly-out workforce and developing remote operation centres, which both present significant challenges. These technologies will also reduce the time industry leaders spend travelling and will help them bring maximum value to their companies.

“While it still seems like futuristic technology,” says GMG Chair Michelle Ash, “teleportation has the potential to change how the industry works. This guideline project will help to align the industry as we move into a teleportation-enabled future.”

There are also challenges when it comes to teleportation. All human attributes need to be recorded and transmitted, raising several data ownership, privacy, and cybersecurity concerns. Developing a common language and establishing best practices are also necessary to prevent teleportation-related accidents.

Doc White, Mining Teleportation Innovation Lead at SHORT Mining will be leading the project. “We’re excited about how teleportation can reduce our costs and also reduce employee burnout,” he says, “but since these technologies are so new, our efforts have been primarily trial and error, so we need to move forward together.”

“The human factor is key,” says Scott Beamie of Teleportation Achievement, Realization and Development Infrastructure Solutions “people still think of these technologies as the stuff of science fiction, so we need to cut through the hype and focus on practical solutions.”

Visit the project page here