GMG Lima Forum: Tomorrow’s mining: innovating to improve the way we mine

What does it take to open mindsets to embrace innovation and alternative solutions in mining? How do we ensure our workforce (now and tomorrow) is the best it can be? Why do we allow for even one person to not feel safe in our industry?

To achieve the global vision of a safe, sustainable and productive mining industry of tomorrow will require a cultural shift across the industry – safety culture, innovation culture, change management, diversity and inclusion and more. Culture is the core element that will define success.

This forum will delve into the industry’s top priority areas common to most mining operations today, through the lenses of operations, maintenance and safety. We will hear case studies and demonstrations from innovators, implementers and operators, peers will share experiences and expertise to define opportunities, and together we look across and outside the mining industry for new ways to better how we mine.

Topics covered will include:

  • Autonomous mining
  • Operational best practices
  • GHG emissions reduction – the road to net zero
  • Integration, interoperability and data management

Join us June 13-14 in Lima, Peru at UTEC – University of  Engineering and Technology (Universidad de Ingeniería y Tecnología)


Information about our guest speakers,  interactive panel discussions, and forum schedule will be added in early 2023.