GMG Methods to Survey and Sample Grinding Circuits for Determining Energy Efficiency

The Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) has published a revision of Methods to Survey and Sample Circuits for Determining Energy Efficiency, which was originally published in 2013.  

This guideline aims to provide tools for practitioners to measure the energy efficiency of comminution circuits using standardized metrics. Additionally, it details methods to survey and sample grinding circuits to generate sufficient information of suitable quality to support reliable efficiency analysis by these and comparable methods. 

This guideline is specific to surveying and sampling of autogenous grinding (AG), semi-autogenous grinding (SAG), and rod and ball mill circuits operating within the normal range of application. This guideline does not directly address analysis of crushing plants and fine grinding circuits, but it is a useful reference for such endeavors. 

The original 2013 guideline, written and published in collaboration with comminution experts, has undergone a minor revision primarily resulting in editorial changes (e.g., adding new references, updating the style, and fixing errors) and some revisions and expansions to make the text clearer and more complete. 

Aidan Giblett, Director at Black Swan Metallurgy, added, “Method to Survey and Sample Grinding Circuits for Determining Energy Efficiency is the third in a series of GMG guidelines on the topic of quantifying energy efficiency in mineral comminution circuits, and details protocols for generating the information necessary to conduct energy efficiency assessments as described in the other two guidelines. This guideline has been updated in 2022 by a diverse team of industry leading mineral processing and comminution specialists, and as such represents a consolidation of considerable knowledge, experience, and best practices regarding the sampling and surveying of comminution circuit.” 

The other two GMG guidelines on quantifying energy efficiency in mineral comminution circuits are:  

  • Morrell Method for Determining Comminution Circuit Specific Energy and Assessing Energy Utilization of Existing Circuits. Read it here. 
  • Determining the Bond Efficiency of Industrial Grinding Circuits. Read it here.  

GMG welcomes any users of the guidelines to provide feedback for future versions and to share their experiences of applying this guideline here.   

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