Mining IoT Reference Architecture

GMG Participation in IIC Mining IoT Reference Architecture Framework

Mining companies and mining equipment manufacturers can leverage Internet of Things (IoT) technologies to optimize business operations and find new revenue streams. As part of our partnership with the Internet Consortium (IIC), the Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) will be taking part in the Mining IoT Reference Architecture Framework project, which will provide input into the standardization work of ISO TC82 and other standards organizations. This work leverages existing industry guidelines and technology frameworks, applies thought leadership and taps into industry best practise to enable the mining industry to realize the potential of IoT.


The Mining IoT Reference Architecture Framework will be a blueprint for implementing IoT solutions that help with the digital transformation of mining operations and other organizations in the mining value chain. The project will drive standards in the mining industry, create blueprints to accelerate IoT solutions development, support interoperability and enable technology evaluation. The diverse team comprises members from industry associations, mining operations, equipment manufacturers, technology vendors, system integrators and researchers. These leaders and practitioners are covering the business and technology architecture, which includes platform-independent and platform-specific models, leveraging existing reference architectures and creating the Mining IoT Reference Architecture Framework. This framework is based on real-world implementations and industry-led technology testbeds.

A first “Minimal Viable Reference Architecture Framework” is planned to be available at the end of 2019. The scope and details of this work are expected to adapt and change based on industry requirements and the availability of innovative technology solutions.


The GMG Interoperability Working Group is seeking volunteers who have experience with transformation and technology projects in the mining industry to assist with the project.


The IIC and IoT Alliance Australia will have a joint workshop on November 21 in Sydney, Australia to define joint activities that help with IoT adoption in the industry that will discuss this project.

If you are interested in participating in the project or the upcoming workshop in Sydney, please fill in the contact form here