GMG Perth Forum – Meet the Speakers

Published: July 09,2024

Andrew Bailey, Chief Executive Officer | Australian Resources Research Centre (MinExCRC)

Andrew Bailey is Chief Executive Officer of the Mineral Exploration Cooperative Research Centre. The MinEx CRC is a Perth based research consortium that commenced in 2018 with 42 global participants undertaking collaborative research into various aspects of Mineral Exploration. MinEx currently has 85 researchers, 40 PhD students and a $20M annual budget. MinEx is developing and applying technologies that are industry-driven, to help stimulate exploration in Australia to address the future of mining and the mining support industry. 

Andrew is a geologist with experience across exploration and mining. Andrew explored in many parts of the world during a 28-year career with BHP, including Africa, Brazil and Philippines. He has explored successfully for numerous commodities, including gold, diamond, nickel and iron ore, and holds a Masters Degree in Geology and an MBA.

Andrew Scott, Representative – Australia | GMG

Andrew has been involved in the mining innovation arena since the very beginning of his career over 30 years’ ago. Having studied biotechnology and computer science at the University of Queensland, he was drawn to the mining industry as a means of funding his ongoing study. As a young field assistant, he quickly found himself fulfilling the role of “go-to” person for any new technology that needed to be investigated or implemented. If ever he felt that a position within a company wasn’t giving him technology exposure, Andrew discovered that he would engineer himself into those roles. One example is when Michelle Ash became Chief Innovation Officer at Barrick, he made sure that he was on her team delivering on their digital strategy as Senior Director Innovation.

Ultimately Andrew is focused to make the world a better place through innovation and appropriate use of technology! Develop deep symbiotic collaboration to stimulate, promote and realize positive outcomes for humanity and the planet earth.

David Wisener, Digital Principal | HCLTech

David has over 30 years of experience in the IT industry, specializing in Finance, Wealth Management, Insurance, Asset Management, HCM, and Service Delivery.

As a Digital Principal at HCLTech, his expertise includes digital consulting, aligning business value with technical feasibility, and analyzing solution options. He creates practical roadmaps using HCL’s digital at scale methodology, merging enterprise architecture needs with business agility. Additionally, he focuses on IT strategy and enterprise architecture, supporting end-to-end transformation programs that cover digital capabilities, cloud adoption, application modernization, and transitioning to agile ways of working.

Laxmi PiskaGlobal Industry Leader – CloudSMART HCLTech 

Laxmi oversees Digital Impact Consulting for Australia & New Zealand, focusing on Cloud and Next-Gen Engineering. With over 24 years of experience, he has guided more than 100 global clients in revolutionizing their IT landscapes through advanced AI, cloud-native product and platform engineering, and seamless system integrations. Having dedicated a significant portion of his career to Accenture and now contributing to HCLTech for over two years, he is excited to engage with you today and eager to make a meaningful impact.


Neville Plint, Chief Executive Officer | Mining3

Dr. Neville Plint is a visionary leader in the mining industry with over 30 years of experience. As Chief Executive Officer at Mining3, he spearheads cutting-edge research and development initiatives, driving sustainable growth and technological advancements. Under his leadership, Mining3 has made significant strides in fostering industry collaboration and innovation.

Neville’s career has focused on enhancing operational performance through new technologies and building a global network of research professionals. He previously served as Institute Director of the Sustainable Minerals Institute at The University of Queensland and held multiple leadership roles at Anglo American, including Chief Scientist and Head of Business Improvement Projects.

With extensive leadership experience and a deep understanding of the mining sector, Neville continues to shape the industry’s future, driving positive change and leaving a lasting impact.

Patrick Marshall, Vice President Technology, MacLean Engineering

Patrick graduated from the University of Queensland with an Honours Bachelor of Mechanical Engineering. He joined MacLean in 2018, having worked at mining operations across Australia and Canada in roles spanning operational excellence, technology implementation, digital transformation, equipment automation, asset management, and mobile equipment maintenance. Leveraging his experience in the mining industry, Patrick is now part of the MacLean executive team and is committed to delivering industry-leading equipment solutions with technology.

Simon Rooney, Mining Client Partner, BDM | HCLTech

Simon has over 25 years of mining experience, solving problems for companies such as Rio Tinto, BHP, Evolution Mining, Alcoa, and Nystar. As a digital transformation evangelist, he aims to provide actionable insights from data through a connected enterprise, delivering a good ROI for businesses. Simon uses a cooperative consulting approach to guide clients on their digital transformation journey.


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