GMG Perth Forum | Tomorrow’s Mining: Innovating to Improve the Way We Mine

Published: January 24,2024

Location: The Hub, Bentley Technology Park, 2 Brodie-Hall Drive, Bentley, Australia

Leaders across the Perth mining industry are planning a two-day program to share the advances being made across mining operations and work with innovators and operations leaders to define next steps and generate new ideas. Thie forum is an opportunity for the industry to share best practices, lessons learned, and wins and problems.

Priority areas for 2024 that will be explored include:

  • Decarbonization and energy management
  • Safety
  • Operational best practices
  • Getting the best use out of our data
  • Integration and interoperability
  • Autonomous mining
  • Building cyber resilient operations

GMG Forums are not conferences or conventions – i.e., you will not be talked at all day. Instead, during this 2-day collaborative event, participants are given the space and time to build relationships with peers in the industry through a mix of presentations, interactive panels, and collaborative breakout sessions.

Why attend? Forums provide value for everyone involved through the opportunity to share best practices, lessons learned, wins, or problems. The outcomes from panel discussions and breakout sessions additionally drive input back into the various GMG projects underway. A major piece of feedback we hear time and time again is that past participants have valued the opportunity to network and collaborate for the duration of the forum.

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