Project Process

Throughout the entire project process, constant consultation is held with members to ensure the project is proceeding based on their input and priorities, in order to ensure the final project outcome is useful and relevant to our members.

When deciding if a project should go forward, the Working Group Steering Committee reviews project proposals, conducts an industry landscape to understand what is being done in that sphere and frequently consults with GMG Members to gauge interest and needs. Based on that member input and taking into consideration the other activities taking place within the industry and across GMG, the decision is made as to whether a new project should be launched.

Each project at GMG goes through strict processes to ensure consistency and a high-quality final result in the form of a  guideline or white paper. Further information on how new projects are launched and the decision-making process around determining which projects to launch are available in the governance manual.

A number of processes are in place to ensure the quality and relevance of published documents through adhering to the following objectives:

No competing efforts

The right level of expertise at all stages of guideline development

High quality and relevant outputs

Impact considerations

Note: There are some differences in processes for non-guideline projects. See the governance manual for more information.