GMG Santiago Forum

October 11-12, 2023

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We’re excited about the line-up of speakers joining us for the Santiago Forum. This highly interactive event will put you in direct conversations with stakeholders from all levels of mining, to work through common challenges to most operations today during working sessions.

Day 1

Day 1 – Wednesday, October 11

Autonomous Trucks & Integrated Operations at Minera Centinela

Cristian Olivares, Superintendent PEM Esperanza Sur Autonomia | Minera Centinela – Antofagasta Minerals (AMSA)

Anglo American’s Innovation Strategy

Rodrigo Subiabre, VP Innovation and Technology | Anglo American

Working Session: Autonomous Mining: Creating a Sustainable Future

The mining industry is increasingly embracing automation as a safety and productivity enabler and as a critical factor in creating a sustainable future of mining. For these reasons, automation is a key part of many mining companies’ digital transformation roadmaps alongside advances in artificial intelligence, system integration, remote operations, and the Internet of Things. While autonomous mining is innovating the mining industry, it also introduces new challenges. This session will look at the challenges and opportunities autonomous mining presents, and share good practices to take back to your operation. 

Collaboration Driving Industry Innovation

Laura Mottola and Ricardo Aguilera, Co-representatives – Latam region | Global Mining Guidelines Group

Global Mining Guidelines Group provides a collaborative and innovative space for stakeholders across the mining industry to share knowledge, expertise and experience to develop operator-driven guidance, resources, and common practices in response to industry demand. Learn more about how you can make an impact through GMG. 

State of Play of Circularity in Mining

Laura Mottola, Vice-President – ​​Advisory Services | BBA Consultants

As the world addresses climate change and tip the balance toward making a net-positive impact, the mining and metals industry is making a contribution by tackling decarbonization, biodiversity, and various other challenges such as waste management, water conservation and energy usage. In other industries, it is widely understood that part of the solution is adopting a circular economy approach, where keeping materials as well as waste in the highest state of value at all times will contribute to lessen the carbon and environmental footprint of our industry sector. However, shifting from a linear to a circular mindset and business strategy presents both opportunities and challenges.

In this presentation, we will look at the state of play of circularity in the mining and metals industry by presenting the results of a short study among GMG member companies. We will present a framework to help orient the discussion, provide a few high-level illustrative initiatives, and conclude by bringing forward recommended next steps for the GMG Sustainability Working Group.

Working Session: Operationalizing Net Zero

The mining sector needs to collaborate, implement, and invest in a portfolio of decarbonization options for scope 1, 2, and 3 emissions. The pathways include emissions reduction, switching from fossil fuel to clean fuel, green/clean/renewable/nuclear energy generation, and remove and sequester carbon. As well, the industry has the opportunity to “do it right” with equitable transition in mind and needs to innovate in adopting new mine design and mineral processing technologies, accelerating novel technology adoption, and demonstrating/tracking results.

Codelco’s Innovation Strategy

Speaker TBC | Codelco

Day 2

Day 2 – Thursday, October 12

Implementation of Integrated Operation Centers

Mario Ortiz, Manager of Integrated Operations |Teck

Report on Global IROC Benchmarking Studies

Rodrigo Aguayo, Go to Market Manager | Hatch

Working Session: Harnessing the Potential of Emerging Technology

Emerging technologies can improve the way we mine, make the industry more attractive and safer to work in, and reduce environmental impact. How can we realize new ways of working using emerging technologies and automating processes? Let’s explore the latest solutions and strategies around topics that include demonstrating provenance/traceability of minerals, developing a robust integrated supply chain, leveraging product lifecycle management, and more.  

Technological Challenges in Medium and Small Mining

Gonzalo Cid, Former General Manager, Technological Foundation for Mining, SONAMI Foundation

Small Mining and its Geopolitical Importance

Marlene Sanchez, Head of Mining Development and Promotion Division | Ministry of Mining of Chile

Working Session: Rethinking Mine Design  

As an industry we’re challenged with meetings targets while maintaining safe operations. Innovative technologies from beyond mining are now available to our industry – but we’re limited in what we can do as a lot of underground mine designs are based on technology that has not fundamentally changed in years. There are rules and standards to meet so the idea of mine design needs transformational work to enable optimizing new technologies and enabling such things as ESG-led mine design. No more square pegs in round holes! 

Robotized Explosives Loading – Solving a Major Autonomous Mining Challenge

Marco Ruiz, Manager of Enaex Robotics | Enaex

Power and Process, Intelligent Convergence, and Efficient Mining

Abel Carreño, Senior Solution Architect | Schneider Electric

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