GMG Santiago Forum: Program Details

July 10-11 | Fundación Chile, Santiago


Automotive Initiative at Anglo American
Carlos Erazo Principal Material Handling Open Pit, Mine Modernisation, Anglo American


Unlocking Real Value through Digital Transformation at El Teniente Mine
Cristian Lopez Director of Innovation, Codelco


Interoperability Standard between FMS (Fleet Management Systems) and AHS (Autonomous Haulage Systems)
Héctor Valenzuela Technical Director and Juan Jara Senior Engineer, Interop, Fundación Chile
When a mine operator wants to deploy an autonomous haulage fleet system, this will usually require a full In-Pit technology stack from a single vendor. Not only does that include the trucks and the autonomy controllers that replace the drivers, but it also requires a specific Fleet Management System (FMS), reporting database and, often, radio network. Fleet Management Systems is a very mature technology, and most miners already have invested a considerable amount of resources to connect and integrate their current FMS into their mine ERP & processes and have completed all the staff training required to sustain and operate it. Today, deploying an Autonomous Fleet solution requires the replacement of the current FMS with the only one that is compatible with that autonomous truck solution. The change management of implementing autonomous machines is already great enough. Avoiding “ripping out” the current FMS, re-connecting all the tie points and re-training everyone would be a great benefit to miners. In this presentation, we will cover the work carried out at the Mining Automation subcommittee ISO TC82/SC8 as part of the development of ISO standard ISO 23725 “Autonomous Fleet and Fleet Management System Interoperability”


Open Innovation Model to Antofagasta Minerals
Nury Briceño Principal Advisor of Innovation, Antofagasta Minerals
Innovation in mining is a process that has changed over the years, not only in Chile, but worldwide. Until the last fall of the price of copper in the year 2014-2015, important innovation centers had been kept, which little by little have given place to another type of innovation model called Open Innovation. The reality of the evolution of exponential technologies and the rapid changes in markets such as energy, telecommunications and information have forced the generation of innovation models that respond more quickly to the needs of the environment. Innovations advance faster outside than within mining operations and that is why making operational challenges available for external entities to offer implementable solutions has made the Open Innovation model progress successfully in Antofagasta Minerals.


Strategic Mining Technologies
Carlos Carmona Executive Director of Interop, Fundación Chile
Nowadays a technology leader leads the knowledge of the mining business and its effective and efficient management. Mining must focus on the management of operations, get into the processes to improve operational practices and achieve control not only to ensure production to its maximum capacity but to optimize and make the business profitable in the good and in the bad economic scenarios, it is here where the strategic interoperable technologies of monitoring, automation and robotics play a fundamental role to achieve an intelligent and sustainable mining.


Chile: Mining Startup Nation
Claudio Valenzuela General Manager, Mine Class
According to a recent publication of the AusIMM Bulletin called “The boom in mining start-ups,” Santiago is the city that has the most mining start-ups in the world. The potential of the mining industry in Chile is very well known, as it is the biggest copper producer in the world. Collaborating with start-ups is a must for mining leaders not only because they will definitely improve their mining business but also because mining businesses have to make an effort to keep the mining industry attractive to new generations of workers.


Drilling Equipment Automation, our Journey in BHP
Eduardo Lopez 
Manager Equipment Automation – Technology, BHP Americas


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