In Person | Small Vehicle Automation Workshop

Hosted by BBA

We are grateful to our colleagues at BBA, a GMG member company, for inviting us into their Montreal office to host this important workshop.

Prior to the CIM convention in Montreal, GMG is holding a working session on Small Vehicle Automation, during which participants will:

  • assess existing content
  • determine and draft content that needs to be added

This working session will move the project towards having a finalized draft of the white paper in the next few months.

About the white paper
The objective of this project is to publish a collaborative white paper that can help the industry move forward in the space of small autonomous vehicles by providing common considerations and increasing awareness of challenges and opportunities that are specific to them.

The white paper will also outline potential options that can help stimulate collaboration to increase real efficiency and enable further development, implementation, and adoption.

Calling on subject matter experts
We welcome those with experience in the deployment of small vehicle automation and those actively working on small vehicle automation projects to join us to provide their expertise and input.

Some of the content in the draft includes:

  • The benefits and opportunities of small vehicle automation and their adoption
  • The taxonomy of the equipment
  • Technology and infrastructure considerations including the mine design, task considerations (surface and underground), remote parameter monitoring and big data predictions, and underground charging station
  • The processes and operational considerations
  • Staff training to maintain the systems
  • Safety and cyber security
  • The future of small vehicle automation within the mining industry

Space is limited to a maximum of 15 subject matter experts



2020, boul. Robert-Bourassa
Suite 300
Montréal, QC H3A 2A5


April 30, 2023
9:00am to 12:00pm EDT