GMG To Hold First Ever Portuguese-Speaking Event This July

On July 23rd, the GMG is hosting an event that  will bring together the Portuguese speaking mining industry to collaborate on what is most important for the industry’s future. Topics to be discussed will include the electric mine, AI, cyber resiliency, autonomous mining, and interoperability, the need for which have been highlighted by the unprecedented global situation we are facing. Other related aspects to be covered are the workforce of the future as technology transforms the training and talent required for mining operations, and climate action as it is essential for the mining industry to collaborate on ways in which cleaner and greener operations can be implemented. 

While the pandemic has increased the urgency of addressing current challenges while introducing new obstacles, it has also reinforced the importance and power of working collaboratively and cooperatively. By working together, we can uplift the industry as a whole, and come out the other side stronger and more resilient than ever. In these conversations, every perspective in the industry adds value. Join us on the 23rd to bring your insight, ideas, and your voice, to help us build a better future for mining.

View event page here.