GMG To Hold Spanish-Speaking Event This August

On August 25th, GMG will be hosting an event, bringing together the Spanish speaking mining industry for discussions on the pressing topics of today’s industry. Rapid change in technology has created the need for continuous collaboration on autonomous systems and AI in mining, as well as cyber resiliency, interoperability, and electric mining. Current GMG work is focusing on how these different topics can improve the industry.

As we return to work and full operations, it is important to consider what should stay the same, and which areas we can improve upon. Sustainability will be an important focus of the industry’s future, as technology is transforming operations. This will include addressing changes to the requirements for training and talent in the workforce to collaborating on implementation of green technologies and embedding circularity.

This event will be opportunity for collaboration on all these topics. Also featured will be the following presentations: Maria Virginia Ramirez of Eneax will provide a safety share entitled Remembering the Do’s and Don’ts for the storage and transport of Ammonium Nitrate, Ricardo Aguilera of RPM Global will present about GMG’s role in industry collaboration and projects, Ignacio Agramunt of Buenaventura will present about the Hub de Innovación Minera del Perú, and Edgardo Pabst Chimenti of Minera Los Pelambres will present about autonomous drilling.

By working together, we can uplift the industry as a whole, and come out the other side stronger and more resilient than ever. Every perspective in the industry adds value to these conversations. Join us on August 25th, bringing your insight, ideas, and your voice, helping us to build a better future for mining.

View event page here.