Zero Entry Mining Workshop

GMG is hosting a workshop towards developing an action plan on zero-entry mining including a demonstrator to catalyze progress.  

This project will translate the zero-entry mining vision into a tangible framework, enabling further discussion and collaboration between industry partners and accelerating the development of appropriate systems, processes, and guidelines that could enable a zero-entry mining operation. Through the development of a Demonstrator, a multi-stakeholder experimental community will be able to demonstrate the requirements and feasibility to achieve the integrated concept of zero-entry mining, identify and address key challenges, and map out the development path and document it through GMG whitepapers, guidelines or other reports. 

Why zero-entry mining and what are the challenges? 

The deployment of autonomous equipment has achieved improvements in safety and productivity while achieving cost efficiencies, yet this remains hindered by various challenges that arise through integrating technology, processes, and people into an autonomous mining operation, leaving significant value on the table for the mining operator.

Zero-entry mining refers to mining operations in which people are not physically present in the mining area (where autonomous equipment is operating), or limited personnel are required to enter the mine (i.e., for maintenance requirements, machinery breakdowns, etc.). The size of an area that is operated autonomously can vary from site to site, ranging between one combined load and dump area, to encompassing the entire mining operation. Zero-entry mining enables the achievement of a zero-emissions footprint across the resources sector by combining autonomous technologies with next generation mine design opportunities and leveraging future fuels.  

To create zero-entry mining, there must be systematic coordination of all mining in a smart, integrated and fully interoperable ecosystem. This means industry-wide collaboration between OEMs, OTMs, third-party suppliers, miners, and data-system vendors to create the equipment, hardware, and software. Additionally, zero-entry mining is an enabler to achieve a zero emissions footprint across the resources sector, combining autonomous technologies, next generation mine design opportunities, and leveraging future fuels. 


The Precinct | Dimbin-Mil Seminar Room on Level 1
315 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, QLD, 4006


March 14, 2023
8:30am – 12:00pm AEST