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Artificial intelligence (AI) has great potential for making operations safer and more productive. This working group aims to identify the current challenges, educate the industry, keep up with the rapid pace of change in this field and define collaborative solutions.


The mining industry is increasingly using AI as a tool to optimize processes, enhance decision-making, derive value from data and improve safety. Nevertheless, the transition to an AI-enabled mine will look different for every organization and an inadequate implementation may result in:

  • Revenue loss
  • Accidental system failures
  • Resistance to change
  • Potential hazards and labour risks

While AI has many benefits for the industry, it is still very new and there is a lot of work that needs to go into successfully applying it. It therefore requires a robust foundation of planning, research, communication and change management. 


Open Data Sets for AI in Mining

A project to build open data sets specific to the mining sector in order to improve research and development and enable benchmarking. Click here to read more. 

Applications of AI in Mining

Drawing on lessons learned from existing AI applications in mining to help operations benefit from the safety and productivity improvements that it can offer. Click here to read more.


The AI Working Group aims to identify the current challenges within the industry, define long-term collaborative solutions, drive innovation, educate on AI-related concepts and technologies like machine learning, keep up with the rapid advancement of technologies, and share best practices and knowledge. The group is a global network of subject-matter experts, operators, suppliers, leaders from inside and outside the mining industry, and those interested in learning more about applying AI in their operations. 


  • Develop high-quality material about AI and related emerging technologies for their safe, effective and efficient application in the mining industry
  • Facilitate a global network of AI professionals to share real use case examples, drive valuable conversations about solving key challenges and advance collaboration for enabling AI adoption 
  • Define AI in a clear and accessible way and support its implementation and long-term sustainability

GMG Publications & Resources

2019 Oct | Foundations of AI: A Framework for AI in Mining

The White Paper identifies background information on AI and its relevance to mining, describes a maturity model that will enable companies to plan their AI strategies, explores the high-level steps for implementing AI and describes some ways in which AI is being applied in mining. Read the white paper here


UPCOMING VIRTUAL MEETING. On March 12 at 7pm (EDT) | 7am (AWST)+1, GMG’s Artificial Intelligence Working Group members will gather to share outcomes from the Applications of AI workshop, discuss next steps, share best practices and set the tone for 2020. To join, click here

PROJECT UPDATE. The Open Data Sets for AI in Mining Project announced Louis-Pierre Campeau, AI Team Lead at Newtrax, to participate as co-lead for the project, along with Rob Johnston, Project Manager at CITIC Pacific Mining.