Artificial Intelligence Working Group


The Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group aims to create a greater understanding of AI and its applications in mining and to promote increased openness to enable companies to safely adopt AI. It is a community of interest on the topic, bringing together operators, AI experts from inside and outside the mining industry, and other mining stakeholders.

While AI has become recognized in mining as an opportunity to improve operational efficiency, the mining industry lacks a clear understanding of its application to mining. To demystify AI in a way that builds confidence in the technology, the working group identified three initial focus areas:

  • Education: clarifying what AI is (and is not) and defining common terminology
  • Applications: documenting and reflecting on successful applications and identifying failures and limitations where appropriate
  • Accessibility: providing clarity about requirements for AI deployments


Enable the global mining industry to benefit from applying and utilizing AI technologies.



Group announces new co-leader

Leaders now in both hemispheres

GMG’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) Working Group, launched last November, now has two leaders. The group announced last week that Mohammad Babaei, Digital Mining Innovation Lead in Digital Operations at Teck, has come onboard as a co-leader. He joins Mark O’Brien, Manager, Digital Transformation at CITIC Pacific Mining­, who has been leading the group so far. Read more...