Asset Management Working Group


The Asset Management Working Group (previously the Reliability Working Group) is an operator-focused group with global reach. The purpose is to identify and share best practices in maintenance, reliability, and asset lifecycle management to improve asset safety and reliability, increase equipment runtime, improve production and lower operating cost.


To establish a set of guidelines for world class reliability practices applicable to mining and create a community of interest for sharing knowledge related to asset management in mining. This includes:

  • Collaborating and leveraging leading practices from other organizations and industries to support successful application of advanced mining technologies
  • Aligning with existing reliability and asset management standards
  • Identifying common elements of successful reliability programs, including processes, tools, technologies and organizational roles
  • Developing metrics and KPIs that enable monitoring of maintenance and reliability programs and performance effectiveness
  • Enable benchmarking and comparison of assetmanagement performance within mining and externally
  • Launch projects to develop and publish asset management best practice guidelines, including common maintenance and reliability terminology, definitions and KPIs

Standards involvement: ISO TC251 and Mining

This subcommittee is a community of experts providing mining-specific industry input into the ISO 55000x suite of Asset Management Standards. This sub-committee will enable collaboration with other reliability and asset management organizations beyond the mining sector.