GMG/MM-ISAC Cybersecurity Working Group


The GMG/MM-ISAC Cybersecurity Working Group aims to help mining stakeholders as they look to design safe, secure, reliable and resilient cybersecurity infrastructure that adheres to regulatory, trust, and privacy best practices. The group will provide guidance for the industry to access and implement existing solutions, be responsive to the priorities of the industry, and look for projects that will benefit from GMG’s open, collaborative principles and processes.

The group will work closely with the Mining and Metals Information Sharing Analysis Centre (MM-ISAC) to collaborate on and identify existing projects and prevent duplication.




For more information, contact any GMG staff.


GMG/MM-ISAC Workshop: Cybersecurity Working Group | Dec 5

The kick-off workshop is to define what the industry needs from a cybersecurity perspective; it will be held at the Kennedy Space Centre in Florida, U.S.A. and in partnership with the MM-ISAC on December 5. Click here for more information.