Data Access And Usage Working Group


The Data Access and Usage Working Group is a community of interest that focuses on the challenges associated with managing data across the mine cycle. The group focuses on issues including data interoperability, data definitions, open data and data integration.


Develop a common vision for data access and usage that enables mining operations to use data effectively and efficiently.


  • This project group, a group of software vendors and mining companies with a shared vision for a more open and interoperable path forward, is developing the Open Mining Format (OMF), an open-source file specification for 3D data interoperability.

  • This guideline aims to establish guiding principles, definitions, and a consensus framework for access to onboard data from mobile equipment across the mine cycle. The first version was published in 2016, and version two will address incomplete datasets and additional types of mobile equipment.

  • This project aims develop standard definitions and terminology for production data and operational KPIs for reporting and classifying operational activities. It classifies activities into a Time Usage Model (TUM).