Automation, digitalization and integration initiatives are at the forefront of most mining companies’ technological roadmaps. Interoperability is a necessity for the success of these initiatives. Interoperability cannot be solved in a vaccuum, so collaboration and communication is essential for the mining industry to build an interoperable future.


Interoperability is the ability of two or more systems, components or processes to exchange contextualized information so that they can act on this information to achieve business and operational outcomes. Mining equipment and systems interoperability is a high priority for the international mining community. Advanced digital technologies are enhancing – and in many cases revolutionizing – equipment, processes, planning and execution in order to enable more productive, safe and cost-effective mines. Interoperability is a requirement for maximizing the capabilities and benefits of mining automation, digitalization, operational integration, and data analytics initiatives and can be a huge innovation driver.

As more mining companies pursue digital transformation initiatives, the need for industry-wide interoperability has become very urgent. It is, however, very difficult to solve. Interoperability affects all areas of mining operations is a very broad and complex and multifaceted issue with no single solution.


The Interoperability Working Group is a community of interest focused on driving collaboration within the industry to tackle the most common challenges and develop a common vision for interoperability. Simultaneously, it will ensure that the industry will not be constrained as new technologies and ways of working emerge.

This working group is also part of a broader interoperability strategy that aims to drive industry alignment and build a common vision for interoperability. Ongoing strategic work includes mining company alignment and an interoperability organizations network.


  • Identify and develop common definitions and terminology and collaborate to progress interoperability in mining
  • Coordinate a global community of multi-disciplinary professionals with experience and interest in interoperability to share lessons learned, best practices and drive valuable conversations
  • Enable a centre of knowledge sharing and education regarding best practices, frameworks, and other interoperability challenges and solutions


Interoperability Definitions and Roadmap Project

Based on the input of +120 companies, this project has produced a draft guideline that defines interoperability, describes guiding principles for it and presents a high-level roadmap to enable greater coordinated efforts and industry-wide alignment. Learn more

Interoperability Landscape

There is a great need for clarity, alignment and education for interoperability, and there are many other organizations driving efforts. Therefore, the Interoperability Landscape will identify which other organizations are driving interoperability projects, so it can enable collaboration among organizations and accelerate the progress of those ongoing efforts. Information will be gathered through a research survey, and then structured into a landscape. Learn more.


2018 Aug | Interoperability Alignment Report

This report outlines a consensus on defining interoperability, interoperability principles, interoperability priorities, and a vision for an interoperable future. It represents a consensus based on in-depth interviews and workshops with mining companies and is based on draft contents of the interoperability definitions and roadmap guideline.


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