Surface Mining Equipment Owners Group (SMEOG)

Mission Statement: A coalition of mining companies dedicated to maximizing the value of our assets through increased safety, equipment performance and productivity. We do this through building relationships, sharing experiences, and mutually developing best practices.


The Surface Mining Association for Research & Technology (SMART) organization formed in 1995 and provided a platform for discussions and collaboration amongst mine operators. Collaborative learning was a real opportunity and the establishment of the SMART sub-groups – Large Tire User Group (LTUG) and Truck Shovel User Group (TSUG) – gave industry the utility of amassing many operations towards shared learning and practices. A key component of learning for these groups was information sharing in the critical areas of safety, operations, and maintenance. There were many rich discussions wherein mine operators became the beneficiaries of total industry experience and operational best practices.

In 2018, SMART was adjourned and the Surface Mining Equipment Operators Group (SMEOG) that brings the LTUG and TSUG together was established.


The SMEOG aims to:

  • Provide and reestablish a network for operators, front line supervisors, and middle management.
  • Foster an open and collaborative environment where participants can share best practices, learn from each other and exchange ideas on safety, production, and maintenance effectiveness to bring about continuous improvement in mining.
  • Build relationships, share experiences, and mutually develop best practices.
  • Grow the SMEOG community which, in turn, will increase the learning potential for everyone involved.

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    About our Members

    Operations and maintenance representatives who own, maintain, and operate heavy mining equipment whose overriding objective is to learn from each other and apply this learning to their respective operations. Vendors, OEMS and others are also welcomed to participate in SMEOG events.


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