Underground Mining Working Group


The Underground Mining Working Group brings together the expertise and experience of the underground mining community to create a knowledgeable network. It aims to identify and address common underground mining sector problems and provide a communication network to develop guidelines for the use of the industry at large.


Provide a central place for the underground mining community to develop standards and best practices for the industry.


  • The Battery Electric Vehicles (BEVs) project explores the unique challenges and opportunities BEVs present for the mining industry. The first edition of the guideline outlined the recommended practice for the use of BEVs in an underground mining environment. Version two considers new technologies and fills in gaps.

  • This project is a guideline suite designed to assist improved communication and network infrastructure underground. It focuses on planning, development, and sustainability in an underground environment.

  • This guideline provides a roadmap to increase the speed and likelihood of success during SIC implementation while avoiding common pitfalls and presents a conceptual model, detailed workflows, and an outline of data enablement at various levels of maturity.