The purpose of these case studies is for guideline users to share stories about how they are applying GMG guidelines. They can not only provide good examples for other potential users on how to use the guidelines in different applications, but they are also an important feedback mechanism on the strengths and weaknesses of the guideline so that it can be improved in future versions.

There are three options for how we will share your case study:

  • Published with attribution: your company name will be on the case study, and it will be edited and published on the guideline’s web page and shared with anyone with an interest in knowing how the guidelines are applied
  • Published anonymously: same as above, but without the company name.
  • Internal use only: the case study will be anonymous and only be used as feedback for the development of future guidelines or in generalized discussions about the guideline

We will reach out to you to confirm approvals and edits before any publication.

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