Guideline Review – Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure: Workshop

Purpose of the Workshop

GMG’s Underground Mine Communications Infrastructure guidelines are currently under review to assess whether revisions are required or if they are no longer useful and must be archived. We are determining what information is needed in order to provide the latest knowledge and guidance on emerging technology that will help mines make decisions about deployment.

The purpose of these workshops is to: 

  • Finish review of the guidelines 
  • Discuss industry focus areas for new projects to develop guidelines and other useful tools 

These are working sessions for people with the knowledge and expertise to assess the content of these guidelines. 

About the Guidelines 

These guidelines are a three-part suite which aims to provide a high-level overview of the processes needed by mine personnel to meet planning and design requirements when creating or replacing underground mine communication infrastructure:  

  • Part I Positioning and Needs Analysis (2017) provides a general overview of the guideline objectives, audience, and a mine communications maturity lifecycle diagram.  
  • Part II Scenarios and Applications (2017) provides scenarios of practical applications in underground mining (e.g., applications for autonomous, semi-autonomous, and remote-control equipment and wireless sensors and communications networks).  
  • Part III General Guidelines (2019) is the core content of the guideline suite, providing the reader with an overview of the planning and design recommendations for underground communications development, some of the best practices used within mining environments, and where to find more information regarding digital communications, standards, and frameworks.  

Why Participate

As technologies advance quickly in this space, it is important to review and potentially update the publications. Your input will help to determine what level of revision (if any) will be completed.

As the informed voices of the mining and metals industry, we need your input to provide direction to the GMG Working Groups to make sure our project plans reflect your needs. Please spread the word about these events around your company.

What to Expect

Published guideline revision workshops are focused on reviewing input received throughout the review period and sharing any additional input. Those who register will receive a list of comments and a summary of key themes from reviewers.

Alternative Times

We are offering two workshops to accommodate the varying time zones around the globe. As such, a person will only need to register for one of the workshops.

August 16, 2022 | 5-7am PDT | 8-10 am EDT | 2-4 pm CEST | 3-5 pm AST | 8-10 pm AWST

August 18, 2022 | 5-7 pm PDT | 8-10 pm EDT | 8-10 am AWST+1 | 10 am-noon AEST+1

Register here.