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Webinars and presentations by industry experts available on the GMG YouTube channel.
  • GMG Partners Webinar Series: OPC UA Mining – Enablement Through Collaboration

    Michael Clark, North American Director at OPC, Jörn Lehmann, Manager of Standardization at VDMA Mining and Andrew Scott, National Cluster Development Manager, METS Ignited
    Watch it here 2022 04 19
  • GMG Partners Webinar Series: Advancements of Mining Automation and Autonomy

    Tim Skinner, International Chair Of ISO TC82/SC8 Subcommittee of Advanced  Automated Mining Systems, President Smart Systems Group
    Watch it here 2022 03 22
  • GMG Webinar: Recommended Practices For BEV In Underground Mining

    Anders Lindkvist, Technology Developer at Epiroc; Maarten Van Koppen, Vice-President of Product Management at MacLean Engineering
    Watch it here 2022 03 22
  • GMG Partners Webinar Series: Mining Innovation Commercialization Accelerator Network

    Presenters: Charles Nyabeze, Vice-President of Business Development and Commercialization for the Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) and the MICA Network; Douglas Morrison, President & CEO, Centre for Excellence in Mining Innovation (CEMI) and Network Director, MICA Network
    Watch it here 2022 02 7
  • GMG Panel: Current Priorities for Mineral Processing

    Panelists: Leonard Hill, Freeport-McMoRan Paul Shelley, Molycop Peter Amelunxen, Hudbay Minerals Manqiu Xu, Vale
    Watch it here 2021 03 1
  • GMG Event: Brute Force vs Two-mass Screening Technology

    Presenter: Derek Kerkera, Marking Director, Mining, General Kinematics
    Watch it here 2021 02 28
  • GMG Event: Real World Experience with Collision Awareness Systems

    Dave Fisk, Sales Director, Wabtec Digital Mine
    Watch it here 2021 02 23
  • GMG Event: Fatigue Monitoring and the Driver Safety System

    Sherill Stevens, Business Team Leader, Trucks and Productivity at Mildred Lake Mine, Syncrude
    Watch it here 2021 02 23
  • GMG Event: ICMM and Mining’s Journey to Zero Fatalities

    Presenter: Mark Holmes, Manager, Health & Safety, ICMM
    Watch it here 2021 02 23
  • Knowledge Share: Robotics Employment Opportunities

    Presenter: Dr. Elliot Duff, Robotics Research Portfolio Manager at CSIRO
    Watch it here 2020 07 9
  • Webinar recording: Value and Opportunities of IoT and Location Interoperability

    Presenter: Steve Liang, Founder and CTO, SensorUp
    Watch it here 2020 06 9
  • Webinar Recording: Data Exchange – OPC UA a Common Language for Mining

    Presenter: Tobias Hartmann, Jörn Lehmann and Fiona Mavroudis – VDMA
    Watch it here 2020 05 10
  • Online Event Recording: COVID-19 – Finding a Safe Path to Sustainable Operational Stability… and Beyond

    Presenter: Anders Fredholm, David Dickson and David Haake, IBM
    Watch it here 2020 04 28
  • Online Event Recording: Digitalization of Mining – an African Case Study

    Presenter: David Osborn, Managing Director for Dassault Systemès South Africa
    Watch it here 2020 04 28
  • Workshop Recording: From Idea to Product | The Application of AI Algorithms in Mining

    Presenter: Louis-Pierre Campeau - Team Leader, AI at Newtrax
    Watch it here 2020 04 23
  • Workshop Recording: Developing Open Data Sets for AI in Mining

    Presenter: Rob Johnston - Project Manager at CITIC Pacific Mining
    Watch it here 2020 04 23
  • Webinar Recording: Foundations of AI in Mining

    Presenter: Rob Johnston, Project Manager at CITIC Pacific Mining
    Watch it here 2020 02 13
  • Webinar Recording: Global Tailings Review

    Presenter: Tom Butler, CEO, ICMM
    Watch it here 2019 12 11
  • Webinar Recording: Interoperability Strategy

    Presenter: Andrew Scott, Symbiotic Innovations and GMG Vice-Chair Working Groups
    Watch it here 2019 11 14