Holistic Energy Management Across the Site Workshop

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is hosting a workshop about Holistic Energy Management Across the Site. This workshop is for subject matter experts in the areas of energy management and the push toward Operational Net Zero to provide expertise toward the development of this guideline. Learn more about the project here.

About the Guideline 

Meeting net-zero goals successfully relies on operationalizing best practices. Companies have indicated that the main challenge and concern across the industry is implementation.  The approach the industry can take to be more sustainable can start with mapping out energy management strategies and looking at all the aspects around energy that are impacting mining. Proper energy management can help with not only meeting net-zero goals, but also help to optimize the mine and make the implementation of new technologies more operationally efficient and cost-effective. Many different aspects need to be considered to achieve this such as energy sources and management, electrification and battery lifecycles, waste management, and integration with the community.  

Purpose of the Workshop 

To work collaboratively to develop a guideline that takes a holistic approach to the different aspects of the mine to identify energy management strategies and direct the industry regarding energy management considerations and how it can support sustainability efforts. The workshop will discuss potential topics that could be included in the guideline, including:  

  • Managing the whole lifecycle across the mine from generation to regeneration for all energy types 
  • Linking industry needs to opportunities and technology requirements 
  • Energy Strategy and Energy Mix: Methods to optimize the entire operation, not just for electricity, but for heat fuel processing that would typically be used in a vehicle and looking at different energy sources and transferring those sources effectively to electricity 
  • Common language around treating energy as an asset 
  • Emerging technologies from other industries and how they could apply to mining 
  • How to transfer energy to larger haul trucks 
  • Identifying the different requirements and solutions for different types of mines 
  • Identifying which decarbonization pathways are common or specific 
  • Technology readiness options and enabling technologies
  • New mine adaptations as new technology is introduced and how to retrofit and adjust or redesign


Hatch Ltd. 1066 W Hastings St #400, Vancouver, BC V6E 3X2


June 6, 2023

8:30 am – 12:00 pm PDT