A Global and Open Platform for Collaboration

Being a global and open platform for collaboration, both in terms of participation and access, is GMG’s topmost priority, rooted in the desire to address the industry’s most pressing needs and support the ongoing technology transformation in the mining ecosystem by building a sense of community and developing a network of a diverse group of stakeholders from around the world.

To learn more about the work GMG is doing, check out the projects and activities underway in our Working Groups:

Guidelines, White Papers & More

GMG produces guidelines and other documentation that offer best practices, advise on the implementation and adoption of new technologies, provide education, and develop industry alignment. They are the product of industry-wide collaboration based on experience and lessons learned.

A Network of Innovators

5,700+ industry leaders networking and leveraging practical experience, know-how and approaches

120 corporate members working together towards creating a safer, more innovative and sustainable mining industry

15 publications offering insight, clarity, and practical guidance to address the industry’s pressing challenges

9 working groups and 12 projects to develop synergies and help the industry address key priorities


Events are in the planning stages. Check back soon for more information.