How are AI, machine learning, big data, deep learning and data science interconnected?

The Foundations for AI in Mining paper, now being edited for publication, devotes an early section to “the big picture” and defines overlapping AI-related terminology. These are visualized here:


The terminology associated with AI is often a challenge because there are several frequently-used terms that overlap and there is little agreement on their exact definitions. This was the topic of several discussions in workshops as the project group was finalizing the section.

Our visualization is, of course, only one of many ways of visualizing these complex topics. Participants at a recent workshop also researched other visuals showing similar relationships: Figure 2 in this Towards Data Science article; Figure 1 in this Riverologic resource.

Stay tuned for updates about publication. The useful resource will present a unified understanding of the essentials of AI in mining and provide high-level procedures for implementing it, detailing methods that have proven effective and describing maturity model that will allow companies to design their strategy for AI.