Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining Workshop

Published: January 10,2024

There are many factors a mine must consider when moving towards the implementation of autonomous systems in their operations. Areas of consideration include health and safety, mine maturity, infrastructure, cost and resource allocation, maintenance and skills requirements, regulatory requirement considerations and more.

About the project

Since the time of this guideline’s initial publication (version one was published in 2019), there have been advancements in the different technological solutions that are available, as well as years of experience and applicable knowledge gained across mine sites globally. This updated version of this guideline will be expanded to include learnings from deployments of the past few years and to ensure considerations are addressed to support the implementation of various autonomous solutions in both the surface or underground environment.

Highlights include:

• Making sure there is consideration given to underground mining
• More consideration given to different types of autonomous equipment
• Guidance related to full lifecycle cost; cybersecurity; performance and metrics
• Full new sections on operational readiness and deployment

At the workshop

Participants will work together to help finish off content development for the nearly completed guideline. Specifically, we need help generating content for sections of the guideline related to operational readiness and deployment.

January 30, 2024

7-9 AM GMT | 8-10 AM CET | 9-11 AM SAST | 10 AM -12 PM AST | 3-5 PM AWST | 5-7 PM AEST


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