Implementation of Autonomous Systems v2 Workshop

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is holding two workshops for the Implementation of Autonomous Systems Guideline – Version 2. These workshops are for subject matter experts to help with the final review of this guideline. Learn more about the project here 

Purpose of the Workshop 
The purpose of this Implementation of Autonomous Systems Guideline – Version 2 workshop is to review the document to confirm any final inaccuracies of the existing content. New content will not be added; the content of the existing draft will be finalized in preparation for publication. We are seeking autonomous mining subject matter experts to work collaboratively to provide a final review of the content. 

About the Guideline 

This document will provide a common resource for mining companies negotiating the rapidly changing landscape of autonomous systems. It is intended to help mining companies and those working with them at various stages of the implementation journey to understand their maturity level, define their path forward, identify where to seek additional guidance and information, and build confidence with the technologies. 

This is a revision of the Guideline for the Implementation of Autonomous Systems in Mining, which was first published in 2019. It will include updates, improvements, and new content based on how technologies have changed and been applied in the industry. 

The Version 2 guideline will be published in December 2023.


Virtual Meeting


August 21, 2023

7-9 am EDT/CLT

12-2 pm BST

1-3 pm CEST/SAST

2-4 pm AST/MSK

7-9 pm AWST/CST

9-11 pm AEST