Implementation of Battery Electric Vehicles in Surface Mining

Published: June 14,2024

Surface mining faces additional challenges when implementing electric equipment compared to underground mining, including finding the right size of the equipment and storage hazards related to weather conditions. Since size, weight, and cost are key challenges for surface mining, adapting mine operations to match availability of battery electric vehicles will be important when planning a strategy.

This project will aim to develop outline the above along with expanding on a value proposition that can help with integration into existing and new mines.

During recent workshops, events, and meetings held by GMG, participants discussed the key differences between surface mining and underground mining.

Specific/focused on surface mining:

  • Surface mining has additional battery storage hazards than underground (e.g., weather conditions)
  • Additional support infrastructure requirements
  • Slope stability challenges of surface mining
  • Required permanent infrastructure and handling harder rock (continuous mining challenge)
  • Variability in quality, supply chains, and impact on equipment
  • Costs of hydrogen fuel, how they are produced, and accommodating them in the mine design
  • Trolley assist and the requirement of permanent infrastructure
  • In surface mining, there is a lot of operational activity continuously happening
  • Smaller equipment to adopt flexibility with electrification and alternative fuels

– Defining objectives and why the operations want to change to non-diesel
– Financial challenges and getting buy-in from stakeholders
– Energy requirements and getting the same level and volume of efficiency that you can get with diesel
– Long lead time
– Can’t really leverage other industries because the equipment can be so large it doesn’t compare to anything else
– Knowing how to choose the right technology/solution for a particular mine

Opportunities    – Overall reduction in GHG
– Improve productivity
– Could involve fewer people in the mine (e.g., through the use of conveyers), which could improve safety
– Social acceptability
We’re looking for:
  • Participants to contribute expertise and knowledge as subject matter experts
  • Members to join the steering committee to lead the project

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