Implementation of Non-Diesel Mobile Equipment in Surface Mining Workshop

Global Mining Guidelines Group (GMG) is holding two workshops on the Implementation of Non-Diesel Mobile Equipment in Surface Mining. These workshops are to define the guideline and determine the content to include. Learn more about the project here 

During these 2-hour workshops, we will review specific differentiation factors between underground and surface mining that can help define the starting points and considerations for this guideline. Some of these factors include:  

  • Safety 
  • Ventilation  
  • On-road use 
  • Environmental factors (weather, climates, etc.) 
  • Readiness levels and the end goals 
  • What is the future of non-diesel (What is the timeline? New technology in 2027/2028)? 
  • Different fuel types (hydrogen, etc.) 

Purpose of the Workshop 
The purpose of this workshop is to work collaboratively to determine the scope of the guideline and define what content should be included to ensure that the document is useful for those who are working towards implementation of non-diesel mobile equipment. 

About the Guideline 
Surface mining faces additional challenges when implementing electric equipment compared to underground mining, including storage hazards related to weather conditions, and finding the right size of the equipment. Since size, weight, and cost are key challenges for surface mining, adapting mine operations to match the availability of battery electric vehicles will be important when planning a strategy. 

This project will aim to develop the outline and expand on a value proposition that can help with integration into existing and new mines. 


Cordova Room – Hatch Ltd. 1066 W Hastings St #400, Vancouver, BC V6E 3X2


June 6, 2023

1-4:30 pm PDT