Implementing the Transition from Diesel Mobile Equipment in Surface Mining

About the Project

Surface mining operations face challenges when transitioning away from diesel equipment. For example, the readiness of the roads because of the equipment scale, poor environmental conditions, and uncertainty of which solution is best.

As more headway has been made on the different types of technologies available, it’s critical that the industry works together to develop good practices for everything else that goes into the implementation process, which is what this project aims to do.

About This Workshop

The goal of this workshop is to clarify the purpose and scope of the project based on the previous workshop that dug into the various perspectives (operations, technology, and maintenance) of an operation. Some of the topics included:

  • Availability and reliability of technologies
  • Change management and training
  • Supply chain security
  • Energy requirements

Please join us for this virtual workshop where you will have the opportunity to participate in the discussions that contribute to the decisions regarding the content of this guideline.


Virtual Event


July 11, 2023

8-10 am CST +1

8-10 am AWST +1

10-12 pm AEST +1

5-7 pm PDT

8-10 pm EDT + CLT