Implementing the Transition from Diesel Mobile Equipment in Surface Mining Workshop

Published: January 24,2024

Surface mining operations face challenges when transitioning away from diesel equipment. For example, the readiness of the roads because of the equipment scale, poor environmental conditions, and uncertainty of which solution is best.

There is so much information being put forward on what to do, but how do you parse through it all and which solutions are you prepared to bet on?

A guideline on implementing the transition from diesel mobile equipment could bring the industry together to discuss common considerations and share best practices.

This guideline could include:

  • Descriptions of the tools, systems, processes, and technologies that bring the industry closer to a productive lower carbon future
  • Guidance for understanding the trade-offs, viability, and technical maturity of certain technologies in different contexts
  • Considerations around training, energy benchmarks, change management, maintenance, mine design, and more

A lot of the focus around the topic of transitioning from diesel equipment has been on the technology side, but a lot of the challenges now are around understanding the readiness. As more headway has been made on the different types of technologies available, it’s critical that the industry works together to develop good practices for everything else that goes into the implementation process.

About the workshop

This workshop is a chance to share your thoughts and have your voice heard on what exactly this project should cover.

At the end of the day, it doesn’t matter if it’s hydrogen fuel, BEVs, big trucks, small trucks, trolleys – even conveyors – there is so much to dissect to prepare for that transition and how to go about achieving it. This is a step forward.

April 4, 2024

8-10 AM BST | 9-11 AM CEST/SAST | 10 AM -12 PM AST | 3-5 PM AWST | 5-7 PM AEST


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