ERDi TestLab


“ERDi provides the optimal validation platform for you to test I4.0 commercial readiness for open process control and operations management systems using international standards. We specialise in I4.0 interoperability standards from standards definition, research and development, testing of interoperable components and architectures, education, advisory and compliance testing” (source:

How this initiative can be used to enable interoperability in mining:

This TestLab offers several services to enable standards-based interoperability.

Specific project: The On-board to Office FMS and AHS interoperability – A number of mining companies have expressed interest in interoperability between mobile equipment level 2 systems and level 2 to level 3 systems. This project will demonstrate how to develop a OPC-UA companion specifications for a select number of use cases as well as conduct development, lab and field testing.

  • Status: Proposal Stage
  • Start: Q1 CY2021
  • Completion: Q1 CY2022
  • Vendors: TBC
  • Miners: TBC

The test lab also offers the following services:

    • l4.0 Advisory: assessment of software or business challenge and “determining the specific functionality and standard interfaces/message exchanges your software will require, in order to support and meet interoperability” (source:
      • Stakeholders:
        • Technology and Industry organizations – advice on their software/architectures
        • Mining and Energy organizations – advice/interoperability assessments on solving specific challenges seeking
    • l4.0 Compliance Testing and Certification: Provides pre-certification and certification testing “enabling technology vendors to build and test their software against interoperability standards applied to real world mining use cases” (source:
          • Stakeholder: Technology companies
    • Collaborative Projects and Proof of Concepts (POCs): “Executing I4.0 collaborative projects and undertaking POCs using our sophisticated Lab technology, configuration and test data sets” (source:
            • Stakeholders: Industry and Technology companies that are seeking i4.0 expertise support in the scoping and execution of a specific i4.0 related proof of concept or project.
            • Their inaugural project is AMIRA P1208 Enabling Interoperability in Natural Resources, and specific information about that project is provided under that item.
    • Lab Demonstration and Testing Services: “The lab can be used to test and/or showcase single or multiple software packages working against real i4.0 mining test and data sets” (source:
            • Stakeholders: Industry and technology companies – testing technologies

Accessibility model:

Paid services. A membership model that offers discounted services and access to content and other opportunities.


This is “a pilot project of the Australian Government’s Industry 4.0 (I4.0) TestLabs for Australia Initiative, ERDi partners secured a grant, matched by The University of Western Australia and industry, to establish the platform. The ERDi team is an experienced, multi-sector group, with specialised knowledge” (source: