AMIRA P1025 Achieving Interoperability Across the Minerals Value Chain – Phase 1- Surface Mining Equipment

Scope and Description
“The project was a study of interoperability across the minerals value chain, focused specifically on surface mining equipment. The project’s three main goals were to identify and position the many disparate past and present initiatives aimed at interoperability, develop a set of guiding principles for improved interoperability, and determine whether increased efforts are needed to support the evolving requirements of mining companies for major technology based transformations” (source:

“The Summary report outlines the results of a series of interviews and surveys with key mining industry personnel about the current state of interoperability and how to move the industry toward a more open interoperable technology environment.” (source:

Mining companies, equipment manufacturers, technology vendors, services companies, research, and
standards organizations.

Status: Published in 2016. Phase 2 open for sponsorship
Accessibility Model: Summary report is publicly available, full report accessible to sponsors. The summary
report can be accessed here: