AMIRA P1208 Enabling Interoperability in Natural Resources


“The aim of this project is to develop and implement Interoperability Standards for Mine Planning, Mine Scheduling and Execution so that equipment and applications for mine operations become ‘plug and play’. Building on the University of Western Australia (UWA) I4.0 ERDi Test Lab, this project will enable an offsite test laboratory to evaluate efficacy of interoperability of technology without disrupting ongoing mining activities. The project will utilise the existing Open Process Automation Forum (OPAF) structures and systems to implement the standards” (source:

“This project aims to demonstrate that existing interoperability standards can be implemented into existing software packages used in mining today as well as demonstrate benefits associated with cross functional/process/system automation” (source:

Specifically, this project demonstrates how existing ISA-95 and OPAS standards can used and implemented in lab environment using real world and scaled test data for both open pit and underground. The project covers a number of use cases and interfaces in which these standards can be used in mining.


  • Interoperable Mine Planning, Scheduling, FMS and Materials Tracking POC
  • Interoperable data platforms
  • Process control POC (OPAS)
  • Standards rate of change and more performant implementation schema POC


How this project can be used to advance interoperability:

“To develop a vastly improved mining operating model with reduced costs and more efficient exploitation of opportunities through real time data exchange between applications, the Digital Mine” (source:

Status: Ongoing

Timeline: Q2 2021

See also ERDi Testlab, Open Process Automation Forum