AMIRA P1208 Enabling Interoperability in Natural Resources


“The Amira project, which was conducted at the University of Western Australia’s Energy & Resources Digital Interoperability Industry 4.0 (UWA ERDi I4.0) TestLab, was designed to enable realizing the digital mine, which requires mature interoperability standards to improve information flow.” (source:

“This project aims to demonstrate that existing interoperability standards can be implemented into existing software packages used in mining today as well as demonstrate benefits associated with cross functional/process/system automation” (source:

Specifically, this project demonstrates how existing ISA-95 and OPAS standards can used and implemented in lab environment using real world and scaled test data for both open pit and underground. The project covers a number of use cases and interfaces in which these standards can be used in mining.


  • Interoperable Mine Planning, Scheduling, FMS and Materials Tracking POC
  • Interoperable data platforms
  • Process control POC (OPAS)
  • Standards rate of change and more performant implementation schema POC


Status: Completed December 22, 2021

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