LASC Longwall Automations


Automated Shearer location measurement and face straightening

How this project can be/is being used to enable interoperability in mining:

A set of open communication standards was published at the beginning of the project, to be implemented by the OEMs (e.g., CAT, Komatsu/Joy Global, Eickhoff). This format specified a set of inputs and outputs using E/IP protocol from the Shearer measurement system, Roof support control system and Shearer control system. Mine sites asking for longwall equipment tenders could then specify “LASC Compliant” equipment. Interoperability between LASC technology and OEM longwall equipment is necessary so that devices can correctly interpret the data and respond appropriately. This project was the first example of true interoperability standards for underground coal mining.


Continuing to use the LASC standard model for example for Continuous Miner automation and other hardware-independent automation systems. Now used comprehensively in Australian longwalls (24/30), increasing use in USA (5/60) and China (30/1500).

Key stakeholders:

Mine sites get access to known interoperable systems. OEMs gain access to advanced automation technologies.

Status: Released in 2007. Specifications updated as required, not scheduled.

Accessibility Model: Open,


Note: this project is also listed as ACARP C220012