GMG Data Exchange for Mine Software – Open Mining Format (OMF)

Scope and Description

Open Mining Format, an open-source file specification to support data interchange across the entire mining community, was developed to enable 3D data interoperability. The first version of OMF, released in 2017, supports basic structures including points, lines, surfaces, meshes, and volumes. The second version will support to block models, computer-generated representations of orebodies that contain valuable data about them, which can be extracted to offer insights and solutions about them.

How this project can be used to enable interoperability in mining

Mining requires a wide range of spatial data, and new technologies are adding to locate rich orebodies and avoid geological impediments, and new technologies are adding to the complexity of these data. While these changes create better representations of geological phenomena, moving complex data between proprietary software formats is often time-consuming and becomes prone to error when it is done incorrectly or not easily supported. This interoperable format enables more effective data interchange between formats.

Key Stakeholders

  • Software companies
  • Mining companies

Accessibility Model: Open


OMF 1.0 – Launched 2019, available on GitHub here:

OMF 2.0 – For the latest updates, visit: