ICMM Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles Initiative (ICSV) – Vehicle Interaction (VI) workstream

General Background:

Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles (ICSV) is a collaborative change leadership initiative between the International Council on Mining and Metals’ (ICMM’s) 27 company members and 18 original equipment manufacturers (OEMs). ICSV was created to address three of the most critical safety, health, and environmental performance issues of ICMM’s mission towards zero harm and the decarbonization of the mining industry. It aims to:

  • Introduce greenhouse gas emissions-free surface mining vehicles by 2040
  • Minimize the operational impact of diesel exhaust by 2025
  • Make collision avoidance technology available to mining companies by 2025

Further information is available here: https://www.icmm.com/icsv

ICSV is a CEO-led initiative guided by a CEO Advisory Group comprising six representatives – three from ICMM company members (BHP, Anglo American, and Gold Fields) and three from OEMs (Caterpillar, Komatsu, and Sandvik) – supported by the wider ICMM Council of CEOs.

ICMM members and OEM participants collaborate to accelerate innovation. ICSV is the catalyst for change to develop cleaner, safer vehicles. This collaboration operates under anti-competition and anti-trust rules and provides a safe space for OEMs and ICMM members to work together to help identify solutions and overcome silos within the industry and individual companies. ICSV is a unique model of collaboration across the mining value chain that sends strong market signals to suppliers that ICMM members – representing over 30% of the global metals market and operating in more than 50 countries – are committed to embracing cleaner and safer technology. This builds the wide-spread confidence needed to accelerate the level of innovation investment required to scale up commercial solutions for the industry.

Further information is available here: https://www.icmm.com/en-gb/news/2018/icsv_pr and https://www.icmm.com/en-gb/news/2020/icsv-update

Vehicle Interaction Description and Scope:

This entry will deal with the vehicle interaction (VI) workstream of the ICSV initiative; however, interoperability is also a consideration for all technologies, including those related to diesel and greenhouse gas emissions reduction. Ultimately, the way in which vehicles can integrate solutions for all three workstreams will be of interest.

The objective is to prevent a person or equipment (machine or vehicle) from causing a Priority Unwanted Event (PUE) in the following PUE categories resulting in injury or equipment damage:

      1. Equipment to person
      2. Equipment to equipment
      3. Equipment to environment
      4. Loss of control of equipment.

Out of scope: Autonomous and remote-controlled vehicles.

Role of Interoperability within this Initiative:

The ICMM Vehicle Interaction team will not develop industry standards on interoperability but will leverage the Earth Moving Equipment Safety Round Table (EMESRT) and its processes, along with the International Standards Organization (ISO) and vehicle-to-everything communication (V2X), as has been undertaken for the first generation of Collision Avoidance.

It applies to hardware and software interoperability (i.e., whatever is needed to have interoperable systems) and light and heavy vehicles for surface and underground operations.

Interoperability Definition:

As per ISO and V2X definitions

Intended Outcome:

To drive conversation amongst industry stakeholders with the goal of converging actions, thinking, and decision-making for the most effective use of technology to reduce the incidence of vehicle interactions in mining.


OEMs, third party solution providers (e.g., PDS providers), ICMM member companies and the broader mining industry

Expected timeline:

ICMM’s collaborative Innovation for Cleaner, Safer Vehicles (ICSV) initiative, which aims to promote collision avoidance technology capable of eliminating fatalities from vehicle interactions, is expected to be available to mining companies by 2025.

Accessibility Model: Membership-based for mining companies, open for OEMs and relevant third-party technology solution providers. However, we do work closely with organizations like EMESRT where the membership is mainly aligned with ICMM, but not completely. We also encourage engagement of other relevant organizations such as academic institutions (e.g., University of Pretoria), government regulatory/research bodies (e.g., NIOSH), and other membership organizations (e.g., GMG).

Partnerships: Regarding VI, EMESRT is a close partner. Engagement on more technical aspects of the work is being done directly through EMESRT (e.g., engagement in ISO, etc.).

Further information is available here: https://www.icmm.com/en-gb/innovation/cleaner-safer-vehicles/icsv-ambitions/icsv-vi